Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day

It snowed yesterday.  It started in the morning and continued off and on all day.  By about 3:00 there was an accumulation of about 4 inches. 


Lee took the tractor out and made a path to the street. 


He placed our recently acquired posts to show the edge of the drive, especially where it curves.  In years past, the tractor has gone off the road, and even with 4-wheel drive, it is difficult to get back on when the snow is deep.



They predicted another 4 to 8 inches overnight.  Having done one pass on the driveway, Lee felt he could stay in the house overnight. It is no fun plowing in the dark, in the snow, on the tractor without a cab.



He got up this morning and started scraping.  We don't have a snow plow, just a scraper on the back of the tractor. 

A plow would work better, but we only need one every few years and they are expensive.

The poles helped Lee stay on the curving driveway.  He went down, got the paper for me and took these pictures.  Back when we had horses, he would scrape a path for me to drive the Kawasaki Mule to the barn and then scrape the driveway while I worked in the barn.  Now I get to sit at the table and drink coffee, while he works in the cold.  It is currently 18 degrees.


I'm sure glad I have Lee to do these things for me.  If not, I may just wait in the house for a spring thaw.  I have a shelf of granola and other sorts of meal bars and I'm not afraid to use them.

There are days when I bet Lee wishes HE had someone to do the cold jobs.  I imagine this might be one of them.

I can't ask.  He is still working.

I am going to visit my mother in Southern California soon.  It is 7:30 AM there and 58 degrees.  It is supposed to be 70 tomorrow.  I may take shorts.  And flip flops!


  1. So you are definitely California Day Dreaming right about now. Are you planning a longer visit now that snow has arrived in VA?

  2. Flip flops sounds good right about now! We are expecting a couple of more inches tonight! Yikes! Stay warm!