Sunday, February 8, 2015

Elkins, WV

Our daughter is living in Elkins for a few months.  She is doing a rotation at a medical clinic there.  We decided to drive up and visit her and her roommate for the day.  It is more than three hours each way, so we got up early and arranged for a friend to let the dog out a couple of times.

Tara has been living in the D.C. area, so she considers Elkins a small town.  We live in Buchanan, so we consider it a metropolis!  It has street lights and restaurants and hotels and everything!

Tara took us on a tour of the downtown.  A YMCA!  We went into an artist's co-op called Artists At Work.  I love places like that.  There is one in Roanoke that will be closing soon and one in Lexington that we like to visit.


I found these really cool baskets made from winding strips of sloth around clothesline and zigzagging them together.  They are really tight and hold their shape.  I bought one and want to try to make one with leftover fabric from other projects.  I still have some after doing most of the cutting for my wedding ring quilt.


There were quite a few pieces made from wood.  I truly want to take some woodturning classes from a local shop, but I don't want to go by myself.  Anybody want a ride to Roanoke to take a class with me?


I loved the way he layered the different types of wood to make a fabulous and beautifully finished bowl. 


He also built the shelf the baskets are on with some great inlay. 


There were painting, photographs and fabric postcards that you write on with a marker and can send through the mail.

I really liked the pine needle baskets. 



Some had walnut shells incorporated into them.


You have to love a town with a small free library. 


Take one or leave one.


The train station is used for scenic train rides.  That sounds fun to me.


We spent some time in the Delmonte Market.  It is full of fun and quirky items. 


They have some gourmet food items and give craft classes. 

There was a big table with wooden cooking utensils.


I bought this bowl scraper.  I bet I can get one more cookie out of each batch!


Tara liked the crocheted scarves with fat yarn.  I may have to make her one. 


It is just a chain stitch and should work up pretty fast.


It had a few interesting signs.  This one caught my eye.  A bit too close to home, the older I get!

All in all, it is a cute town in which to spend a few months.  Tara and her roommate are availing themselves of a lot of what the town has to offer and enjoying this rotation very much.  And we enjoyed our visit.  Next time we'll stay longer and take in one of those train rides.


  1. This looks like a town I would really enjoy. No doubt I would spend quite a bit on the crafts!

  2. My grandparents retired to Buckhannon, WV which is 30 miles from Elkins. We traveled through there on our way to visit them. I also think I've been to that train station when we took my folks on a fall foliage train trip several years ago. As much as I want you to be my new best friend, I don't think I'm woodturning class material.

  3. Pat misses his wood turning equipment which went to the son-in-law in PA as part of our downsizing, so if you find a class closer let him know😉 He would also enjoy one of those scenic train rides.

  4. It looks like a great little shop to look around in.... both of them.

  5. That looks like a really cool shop. Love that shelf those baskets sit upon. So much talent out there. My daughter just heard she'll be doing her medical rotation in Roanoke the next few years. Small world, isn't it.

  6. You should check with Willie Simmons in Fincastle about wood turning classes if you're really interested. I know there is a group that meets frequently and does classes and things. He would have the information.