Friday, February 27, 2015


I was making big progress in appliqueing the arcs for my wedding ring quilt.  Then I noticed that the tiny pattern on the background fabric that I thought was random, wasn't



I quickly laid all the pieces I had finished out on a bed.  I could turn the squares with four arcs any way I wanted, but the single arc squares had to attach to the sides and they had to go the correct way.  You might not notice, but I would.  It couldn't be seen from a distance, but up close someone might notice.  So I had to find out how many were not going to work.

I found there were only two going the wrong direction.  Whew!

I used a seam ripper to remove the top stitching and then heated the arcs gently with an iron and slowly worked them off. Then I had to cut some more squares.  I couldn't get the glue off the fabric.

I ironed and stitched them and I was back in business.

I decided to do all the four arc squares and then I could figure out what I needed to do for the single arcs.  Some have to be on the left and right sides.  Some have to be on the top or bottom of the square.


Once those were in place I could start on the jewels in the corners of the squares.   And that is my next project.