Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finished The Serving Display Table

I'm not sure what this table is called.  I bought it recently from a local store, but the stain was coming off when I cleaned it.  I wrote about it recently.

I decided that it could use a couple of coats of lacquer to seal it.  First I had to tape up the windows.  Then I sprayed a coat, did a bit of rubbing with very fine steel wool, and then a second coat.


I let it dry a few days because it has been freaking cold. 


Then I brought it in to warm up, removed all the masking tape, replaced the hardware and cleaned it up.


Lee carried it to the basement and we put a lamp on the serving tray.  If someone wants to use the serving tray, they will have to remove the lamp.


I placed a few things inside and it looks OK.  Not grand, but if someone spills wine on it, it isn't a disaster.


Now Lee says we need a picture for the wall above it.


Yay for more trips to art co-ops and antique stores!


  1. Nice work! But yes, a picture is called for.

  2. Such a a sweet sweet cabinet. I agree, a picture would set it off nicely.

  3. Another job well done and future trips are always good things to look forward to and you might find a picture there as well!