Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Barn For Rent

The horses are gone.  And we finally got rid of the tack.  We had three saddles, a bunch of bridles, halters, blankets and bits and bobs of horsey things.  I was hanging on to it.  Some of it I have had since the kids were little.  Oh, my gosh, since the mid eighties.  The saddle that fit me and the ones for the kids.


When we were trying to sell the horses we had them up at Stone Tavern Stable.  Terry Whitmore helped us a lot, at a reasonable price.  Rather than selling off everything, we took the whole shebang up to her and gave them to her.  She can use them, sell them, or give them to her lesson kids when they get their first horse.


All I know is it is the end of an era.  My time with horses.  I hope my back gets better, but I doubt it will be good enough to ride regularly.  I can ride on vacation or something like that.  But no more horses for me.


So we have a great big empty barn.
It is all set up for a bunch of horses, but is currently just housing our canoe. 



Do you know anyone that has a bunch of horses and no place to put them?  Or maybe wants to start a llama business? 


I know of someone that is turning their unused barn into spot to brew craft beer for themselves.  I'm not a big beer drinker, but maybe you are and need a location!

Barn for rent.

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