Thursday, February 12, 2015

116 Arcs

I had to cut a LOT of wedges for the wedding ring quilt I am working on.  On which I am working.  Then I sewed them in sets of 6.


One hundred and sixteen sets of six. 


I have cut up the squares for the "jewels" that connect the arcs into circles.  I cut the background squares.  And now for the fun part.


I have to cut out 116 arcs from the fusible interfacing.  This is a fragile paper with dried glue on the back printed with arcs and stitch lines.


Oh, boy..


  1. Looks a bit overwhelming, but beautiful fabric. Anxious to see how this all comes together. Which part of the process do you enjoy the most? The composition, the cutting, the sewing, finishing?

  2. Better you than me. Yikes. I look forward to seeing the finished piece, though.