Friday, January 30, 2015

Wedding Ring Quilt

My grandmother gave my aunt a wedding ring quilt back when she was first living in California.  I don't know whether it was to be a remembrance of home, but my aunt loved it and took it everywhere.  Like to the beach and for picnics.  She loved it, but she didn't take care of it and it wore out.


She regrets that now.  So I have offered to make her a new Wedding Ring quilt.  I am cutting out all the pieces for the rings first.  I need about 700 wedges to make the rings.  I have been cutting out strips and using the template for the wedges for about a month.  I can't sit for too long as it hurts my back.  So it is taking longer than I thought.


Some people buy fabric for the rings and do it in a pattern, the same six colors for each section.  I have some bits and pieces from previous projects, so I am using them.  It is helping me to use up my bags of fabric, but I liked the fabric then and I like the fabric now.  I am trying to get colors that all work together.  When you do a scrappy quilt you just fill a basket with the colors and grab different ones and see what you end up with.  I may be a bit more picky than that and try to get colors that look good next to each other. 


Because I am cutting up bit and pieces, it was getting hard to keep track of how many wedges I had cut.  I started putting the finished piles in the snack size Ziploc bags and writing the number of pieces in a Magic Marker.  Remember not to touch the black numbers when it is still wet.  My "sewing" tip of the day.

Next I cut out the "jewels" that hook the connecting rings of fabric together.

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  1. With everything else you can do, now I find out you can quilt, too???