Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Colors Should I Choose?

The plaster is currently drying in our basement remodel.  Now I need to pick the wall colors.  Actually, I have picked the colors, sort of.

I want blue for the bedroom.  I want yellow or a peachy color for the bathrooms.  And I want gray with glossy white trim for everything else.

 That's the plan.  Then I went to Home Depot.  If there were two shades in each color choice, then I could make my decision.  I am having a hard time deciding between all shades ever invented

These are the colors I am trying to decide between.

Here is the blue.


Here are the bathroom choices.  Wow.  They came out pinker on the computer.

I guess there really are fifty shades of gray.


And here they are all together.

So, I am open to suggestions.  Just remember that this is a basement we are taking about.  So I am leaning more towards light, bright colors to offset the fact of limited natural light.

In a perfect world I would hire a decorator and let them make the decisions.  In a not perfect, but better situation, I would have my sister-in-law come make these decisions as she is a great amateur decorator. But she lives three hours away and is not willing to relocate for the duration.  Kinda selfish, don't you think?


  1. Misty Surf, Eggnog, Silver Sateen. But it is hard to tell from a photo.

  2. My advice is to simplify.... you've got a lot of colors there and other than the gray/blues they're all fairly different from each other. I'd pick one color family (maybe two at most) and do the whole basement in various shades of that color.
    You don't want the space to feel chaotic... it should sort of flow from one room to the next, not surprise you when you leave a pink room and enter a yellow one.
    Good luck! I love to paint!!!!

  3. I think Grace (3:55) is on the right track. Too many unrelated colors won't "flow" . And grey is a tough one, but oh so pretty when you find the right one. After much experimentation, I found perfection in Benjamin Moore's "Classic Gray" # OC-23. Not too blue, not too green, not leaning towards the lavender, not too dark, and enough contrast with the white trim. Check it out. I'm sure you can get the color matched in Behr brand paint.

    [signed] Your Selfish Sister-in-Law ;-D

  4. Rebecca, I would go with Grace's suggestion to pick a couple of colors and variations, grays and blues would blend easier than including yellow or peach in the mix. We faced similar decisions when repainting here and I well recall looking at color cards. Painting is not my favorite job, but the results are so worthwhile. Good luck on making the final decision. The basement is really coming along well.