Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Project


Rob.  Go away.  Don't look.  Spoiler Alert.  Danger Will Robinson!

I get the impression that Lee is not pleased when I take on another project when I have a bunch still not finished.  I have a quilt that is ready for quilting.  I am waiting until I get a new machine to finish that.  The craft room is currently full of the stained glass transom project, so I wouldn't be sewing even if I had a machine.  Too many glass slivers.  The stained glass is waiting until the order for flux and copper patina arrives so I can solder it.

Naturally I had to start a NEW project.  This one is SUPPOSED to be one I can work on when I am in bed watching TV.  But I need to start it in full light.

I am making a stocking for my favorite son-in-law.  Well, my only son-in-law, but my favorite so far!  He and Trista have promised to come to Christmas next year.  I have made all the kids and my daughter-in-law a stocking, so he's next.  My kids all have crewel stockings, but nobody make crewel patterns any more.  I did find old ones on EBay, but as much as he is my favorite, I am not paying hundreds of dollars for one.  You would think if people would pay hundreds for the old one, somebody would start re-issuing them, but not yet.  That's a good idea for when I win the lottery!

The pattern I chose is on fabric with wee tiny squares.  In the past I have made them where the pattern is printed on the fabric and then you get a code that shows which stitches go where.  This is just a blank canvas with lots of counting tee tiny squares.  That means there is a lot of taking out of stitches.  Because a lot of the stitches are cross stitched, that means taking out two stitches for each square you put in wrong.  You can see why this is a project best started in the light.


I have a collection of wooden frames from making crewel, needlepoint and cross stitch projects in years past. It is easier for me to mount (staple)  the whole thing on a wooden frame rather than using a hoop. This way I don't have to move it around and risk damaging the stocking. It does make it awkward in bed. And I have to get up off the bed and put it up high when I am done. It is too big to shove in a drawer.  It is not something I want the cats to play with. I am sure it will come away with multiple cat hairs no matter what I do!

This is the top half of the stocking and the pattern.


My plan is to get a good start so that future stitches are easier to locate.  Plus, I seem to have a bit of OCD ( I can hear my kids screaming, "A BIT!!!"), so once I start something I become obsessed with finishing it.  I have until Christmas, so it's not like there is a big rush or anything!

I like it because it has a old time, nostalgic flavor to it.  A kind of country feel.  My son-in-law is very much of a big city, grew up in London, kind of guy, so I hope he likes it.  He'd BETTER.


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  1. As like you, Rebecca, I too start several projects before finishing one first. It also drives Pat/Grenville a little more than crazy...but eventually all get done. Anyway, women excel at multi-tasking. Starting the stocking early will give you a good head start...right?