Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Fireblocking In The Basement

The county inspector wanted more fire blocking.  He spoke to our framing contractor who tried to do as instructed.  Then he came back...cue Jaws music here.

There were just a few more things he wanted us to do and so Lee and I did them today.  I'm in the midst of a vertigo issue and Lee is in the midst of a sciatic nerve issue. I don't think HGTV or DIY will be calling us to do a series anytime soon.  Unless it is a cautionary tale.


The contractor had put some drywall in the gap between the new wall framing and the existing concrete wall in the basement.  There was about 1/4 inch gap between the two and I had to fill that with expandable fireproof foam.  The stuff is pretty cool and very messy.  Gloves and LOTS of paper towels are necessary.


We are required to have drywall or the foam every ten feet in order to slow any potential fire.  The contractor took that to be ten feet if measured down the middle of the room and the inspector meant every ten feet of wall.  This meant we had to put in some more strips of drywall.  We aren't particularly good or fast at drywall. but we got the job done.


There were a few holes we had missed the first time and I filled those.  I only ALMOST fell off the ladder once, when I thought I was on the last step and still had one more to go.  Lee had a chair to sit on when his pain got severe.


We have a bit more fiddly things to do and then we can call for the contractor to come and do the insulation.  We know how to do it and we can do it, but even just tearing it up and stuffing some of the holes got fibers in my eyes and I just don't want to do it.  That should only take a day and then we can get started on the plastering.  Then it will really look like rooms.

The good thing is the county inspector said he doesn't need to come back until the insulation is done.  We'll call the contractor next week and see what happens.  Now I REALLY have to start thinking of wall colors.  And about painting.  Not looking forward to THAT.


  1. Guess the holiday break is over and now it's back to the not-so-much fun stuff.

  2. Apparently the county doesn't have enough to do.