Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Christmas


It is the new year and the visitors have taken themselves home.  Time to get the house back to normal.  We didn't put out a lot of decorations this year.  I don't know why.  Lee did most of it when I was visiting my mom in California.  He even got the tree, which is a big savings in time.  "That one looks great, but the one over there might be better."  That is,  our family is better off without me when tree shopping.  Well, any shopping.


Lee pinched his sciatic nerve getting things organized for Christmas, so I decided to do the ladder climbing thing.  I don't like ladder climbing all that much.  Well, the first 3 or 4 steps are okay.  After that it gets dicey.  And this work involves going out to the shop for the 8 foot ladder.  We do have bigger ones, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but it is usually Lee's job.  So he should be really appreciative.  'Cause it's not easy for me.  Plus,  I have been having some vertigo issues.  Just saying.  Good me.


I even took the duster up with me.  As long as I'm up there I should do the dusting that hasn't been done since...nope.  Never been done.  At least not by me.  The whole ladder thing again.  Well, and the I-hate-dusting thing.  But there are a few ledges that you can see from the bridge between the two upstairs bedrooms and it was time to address them as long as I was up on giant ladders (risking my life and feeling very dizzy, which I will not mention, because it sounds like I am asking for kudos for taking down my own decorations and dusting.  But it WAS kinda high).

I also washed sheets.  And towels.  Okay, I really didn't do that much today.  And I probably won't do that much tomorrow.  But I do have a list.   And plans to start another one.  And do it later.

So now Christmas is over.  Lee took the tree out and it barely dropped any needles.  Still going strong and yet we are taking it to the burn pile.  Soon all reminders will be gone.


Except for the delicious Christmas teas I got as a gift.  They are delicious and will stretch out the holiday spirit without giving me extra work.  Or making me climb ladders



  1. Be careful climbing if you have vertigo issues. I have fallen doing that, and it is not fun.

  2. Our take down of Christmas decoys comes after we return home next week, but since it's a small non-real tree there are no needle dropping issues. Biggest challenge will be fitting the ornaments we used back into the boxes since we selected only the smallest ones...then bought a few more small wooden ones at local thrift shops. The whole ladder climbing and dusting issue is why I really don't want a place with very high ceilings...and I have been known to get dizzy without climbing a ladder, just saying too.