Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stained Glass Progress


I am making progress with the stained glass transom.  I used the pattern that came with the purchased bevel cluster for the focus of the transom.  I drew in the dimensions of the finished window and deducted a bit for the wood trim. 


Then it was just a matter of drawing in borders and filling out the remainder of the window with cuts that I knew I could make.  Not too intricate, in other words. 


When making long straight cuts, like for the borders, I cut the line with a straight edge.  Than I placed the cut at the edge of the table and snapped it down with the glass pliers.


Working with clear glass makes things a lot faster.  I can lay the glass on top of the pattern and mark the cuts with a permanent marker.


I make one cut at a time until the piece is the right shape.  After I make the cuts, the marker helps me to see where I have to grind away the excess.

The bad part about using permanent markers is that my fingertips are now a lovely shade of blue.


When making a deep curved cut, you have to take little bites of the glass. 


It doesn't like to do it all at one time for some reason.


 I did this one in three cuts and then ground the rest away.


A glass grinder is a magical thing.  I wouldn't want to attempt a project without one.  It is almost impossible to make perfect cuts every time.  Sometimes the glass breaks in such a way as to leave bumps or divots on the edge.  I usually leave a bit of a margin because it is easier to take away a bit of glass rather than add some!

It is also important to grind all the edges just a bit.  I am going to wrap them all with copper foil.  This is what holds the solder and that is what holds all the wee pieces together.  Sliding your finger along fresh cut glass is not a bloodless sport.  In fact, just holding the glass against the grinder can get tiny cuts on your fingertips, no matter how careful you are. I bleed for my art!


After I finished all the cuts, I stepped back and looked at it.  Pretty good for an amateur.  I really like the blue.  I decided to add just a touch more blue.  I don't want too much color in the transom as the whole point is to let light into the room.  A wee bit more should be just fine.


My next step is to wrap each piece with copper foil.


  1. Looking great!! How did you learn how to do this?

  2. how neat- I was wondering the same thing, how did you learn to do this?

  3. I took an adult ed class back when the kids were little and I needed some adult conversation. It was fun. I also took wood carving. Now I am considering bowl turning classes in Roanoke!