Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drywall Delivery


Today was a busy day considering I didn't get much done.  I finished copper foiling the stained glass transom and it will work, but I think I will re-cut a few pieces to make it a cleaner project. The precut pieces were not as fitted as I would have liked and when my pieces were a bit off it made for some gaps I want to close.

Then I started on a cross stitch stocking for next Christmas.  Gotta have something to do at night while watching TV.  But the big thing was the drywall delivery.


Our house is on the top of a hill.  There is not a lot of room on either side to get past to the basement doors. The dry wall truck showed up today when the rain stopped.  The driver was not certain he could get past the house.  It was a really big truck with a giant crane.

Lee showed them how to come in the back way.  It is kind of steep, but the heavily loaded truck had plenty of traction.


It was amazing watching the crane operator lift the drywall and maneuver it over the wall and behind the dogwood tree.  And don't hit the french doors, but ease your way up to them. 


We are not getting drywall like we are used to in the west.  Out here plaster is the way to go.  So I don't know what the boards they use under the plaster is called.  Plaster board?  I'll just keep calling it drywall until somebody tells me what it's really called and then I will probably still call it drywall.  Because you can't teach an old dog.....


There were two guys in the basement who moved the boards to various locations and off they went.  After the check, of course!


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  1. My kids have been on a self-declared "snow day" since they found out that it's going to snow. Even though it's just raining this morning- and all we can really do is stay inside- they think school should be cancelled.