Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day


Today is the first real snow day in about a year.  It has been the warmest winter we have seen since we moved to Virginia. 


I find snowy winter days starkly beautiful.  But then I don't live in Upper Michigan like Lee's family.  They have had snow since about October!  It would quickly lose its charm if I had to live with it for months at a time.  Or weeks at a time.  A couple of days makes a welcome change, though.

I have a friend who home schools her girls.   (You can see her blog by clicking on What We Do on the left side of this blog.)  I heard that they declared today a snow day.  Even though it didn't really start snowing until around 2:00. And they don't have to drive to school.   I'm with those girls.  Snowy days should be celebrated and one should not have to work.



  1. I like snow days better when my husband isn't around to complain about them.

  2. Sure hope that a little of that snow heads this way to the VA eastern shore. We have had 4days of constant rain so probably won't see it stick to the ground. Schools around here will be closed on Friday for Lee-Jackson Day or else school might have been delayed or cancelled if we got 1-2 inches.

  3. Yep, it was a very nice snow day! And they were outside almost every minute on Friday as well. So. Enjoying the snow is a higher priority than school- always.