Friday, January 4, 2013

I Love Google

I wrote a post for my blog yesterday and then I couldn't add my pictures.  There was no BROWSE button to allow me to access the pictures just waiting in my camera.

I tried logging out and back in.  I tried turning off the computer and turning it back on..A huge, giant process given the issues with our computer.  So I thought it was our computer.

Today it still wouldn't come up.   I figured I would have to reconfigure something in the computer and asked Google ( the all knowing and all powerful OZ) for assistance.

This is when I found out that WHOLE BUNCHES of people have lost the BROWSE button.  AND someone was kind enough to tell me how to circumvent the issue.  Thank you, Google.  And Blogger top contributor Katney!


  1. Hmm. I just looked and my browse is missing, too in Internet Explorer. Wonder what the issue is.

  2. Yeah, Blogger is buggy! It does weird things one day and goes back to normal the next day. I've resorted to emailing my photos to my blog at times.