Sunday, January 13, 2013

If Walls Could Talk

Have you ever watched the HGTV show, If Walls Could Talk?  It shows homeowners remodeling their homes and discovering things left behind or covered up by previous owners.  By examining the clues left behind you can discover a lot about the previous occupants.


With this in mind, I placed several business cards behind the wood framing of our basement.  We will call the plasterers next week, assuming the insulation passes inspection, and then no one will see behind the walls until the next owner comes along.

I wonder what they will think?  Will it be 20 years from now or 100?  Kind of fun to think about.


  1. That is great! How often do you get a chance to leave a personal mark within the walls of your home? Also- glad you got to see that the NOOK (your influence) is alive and well at our house!

  2. Cute idea!! I'm catching up on back blog reading. Your basement is really coming along. Soon you'll be in the home stretch!!