Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Falling

We had company all weekend so I am now working more on the quilt.  The next class is on Saturday and we are supposed to have one whole quadrant put together.  This quilt is different than the one I did before.  In that one I made a bunch of squares and then put them together. 


In this one I make a few squares. but mostly it is small 3.5 inch squares that I sew together.  It seems to take longer, but it is perspective. Last time it took a lot of time to build the squares and then they went together fairly quickly.  This time I do it all at once.


I had a bit of problem with the squares pulling apart when I sewed them together.  Not a lot.  Just a few stitched at the corners.  Some of this can be attributed to the stretching and pulling to make the square fit together perfectly.  Okay, you're right.  They DON'T fit together perfectly.  But they do fit together as close as I can get them and that involves a bit of pulling.


 So I started pinning them in an "X" where there is a seam that could possibly pull apart.  Then after I have stitched it, separation is less likely.  This has an added bonus of holding the ironed open seam on the bottom of the material from folding up and getting stitched bent over. 


I showed Lee the progress I have been making as I build this quadrant. 

"What do you think?"  I asked. 

"Very colorful." he replied.  I wonder if that is diplomatic speech for "What a mess, but I am too polite to tell you so?"  Or is that just Lee, who never says much of anything.

I'll go with door number two.

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  1. REBECCA!!!!! this is AMAZING!!! (yes, i am just now getting here. sorry in my delay ;) )
    i can't wait to see it in person tomorrow!