Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Falling Quilt

My friend Jackie called and asked me to take a class with her.  It seems her niece is a quilter and has a new pattern that she designed and we could take a class and learn how to make it.  She has a blog on her quilting and you can see the pattern, called Falling,  there.  It is www.limeandlace.com  She is a young, talented, graphic designer and it is a fun blog.  Check it out.

I already blogged on buying the fabric, but now I have the first class under my belt.

The great thing about the pattern is the easy tricks to make it quickly.  There are long strips that you sew together and then cut into hunks. 


You mix and match the hunks and sew them together and then you have large portions of the quilt made.  There are no tricky stars that frustrated me last time!


I have been working on the quilt for just the class and parts of two days and I already have everything cut out and the center all sewn.  The center is various shades of red. 


I have to remember to iron the seams open.  It makes for a flatter, less bulky seam, but a more fragile one.  I have already had to hand stitch some of the corners where they are pulling apart.


It is made in quadrants and we are supposed to have one quadrant made by a week from Saturday!  Sheesh!  I have company coming for the weekend, but based on how much I have done, it shouldn't be a problem for me.  I bet Doris and Jackie are going to be PRETTY busy trying to get this done after work and on weekends.

I am loving the color combinations I chose.  I still haven't bought the border fabric.  I am going to wait and see how it turns out and THEN pick the color.  It is made in simple blocks, so I think the quilting part will be pretty easy.

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