Monday, May 28, 2012

False Advertising

When you make a quilt you spend a lot of time finding just the right fabrics and colors.  Then you spend hours cutting out shapes and the sewing said shapes together.  Each time you sew something together you have to make sure all the sides are lined up and that the corners match.

At some point you put the last of the borders on you pieced quilt and think, "Almost done!"  You get kind of excited and want to show people what you have accomplished.  And then comes the realization.  You have not yet begun to sew.  The quilting part of the quilt has yet to be done.

The last quilt I made I used the same thread to quilt it as I had used to sew the pieces together.  I was unhappy with the way the neutral thread showed up on the bright colors.  I really hated how it looked on the back.  So I did it a little differently this time.


The middle of the quilt is very red, so I chose red for the top thread and red for the bobbin thread.  I was going to stitch in arrows or points and I thought it would look good.  I have such a dark fabric, though, that it is hard to see unless you are really looking.


 For the rest of the quilt I have, and will,  use a dark blue thread for the bobbin.  It matches really well and is very hard to see.  I can even mess up and no one will know!

I chose this stencil for the quilting on the borders.  It isn't too elaborate and difficult for a novice and I think it looks nice.  I have to start and stop, however.  There is too much fabric to fit easily under the arm of my machine so I sew one section and then cut the thread and move it back up and start sewing again..  I used a neutral thread on top where I used the orange and green fabric and then switched to blue for the blue points and the borders.

It is so hot and bright in my sewing room.  I finally had to put on the air conditioner.  I can't do anything about the bright part.  There are no window coverings and the sun is at just the right (wrong) angle to blind me and to wash out the pictures.  I guess it is time to quit for the day and tackle the rest of it tomorrow.

 I just have the last borders to do and then the binding. Oh, and the label.  I have to see who and where this quilt is going before I print the label.  I may not be able to give it away.  I really like it so far.  Thank You , Margo!

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  1. I think your quilt is lovely. And good for you for taking the librarians breakfast! I know they love you for it.