Saturday, May 26, 2012

Busy Week

I haven't been writing, but that is because I have been doing.


I went to the library to visit and to use the tables in the meeting room to make my quilt "sandwich".  This is where you lay out the backing face down and tape it tightly to the tables.  Then you put the batting in the middle and smoooooth it out and add the quilt top.  Doris and Jackie popped in and helped.  Then we pinned the three layers together.  This is important because it keeps everything from moving around when you start the quilting.  I hope to be able to do it on the machine.  I'll probably start tomorrow.

I also laid out the border I had sewn together.  I wanted to see if I had figured correctly.  Nope.  Gotta add one more segment.


I brought the library folk breakfast.  I made a casserole and some scones.  More about that later.

I also FINALLY got started on the garden.  I had to rake up the old hay I used as mulch.  I may put it back after I finish planting.  More about that later, too.

We bought a new car!  OK.  It's not a NEW car.  It is a new-to-us car.  We need a four wheel drive car for snowy days.  Our drive is impassible without one.  I hate having to park on the bridge and trudge up the 1/3 mile drive.  Yes, I know, Lee usually goes up and gets the old farm truck.  It has 4X4 but it is a rusty mess and only has one seat so it has limited uses.

We also wanted to have a car that we can put the "kids" in and take them places when they visit.  Or any visitors.  Sitting in the back seat on a car trip is not fun for any adult.  Car sick, anyone?  So we bought a used SUV.  We will not worry about the high price of gas for the limited use it will get.  It will be great on the road trip we will be taking this summer.

I have a nibble on one of the horses.  I hope I can find them good homes.

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