Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pink Tools and Dragonflies

We have a LOT of tools.  Lee works on cars, so we have car working tools.  We do a lot of our building and repairing, so we have construction-type tools.  We even have a Shopsmith, so we have tools for wood turning and other less common tools.  What we rarely have is tools in the house when I need them.  Oh, I buy them and put them in my tool drawer.  And then we use them and they get put away with all the other tools...way out there...


So I told Lee that I wanted some PINK tools.  PINK so that we would not mistake them for HIS tools.  MY tools.  And guess what?


I got some.  Way more than I had planned on buying for myself.  Great idea, isn't it?

My daughter in England sent me a dragonfly on a stake for Mother's Day.  It took a while to get here.  It is from artists in Haiti, so it is nice for me and good for them, too.  I love the detail. 


I had decided to get some dragonflies for my tribute to my sister, Roz, so this was a perfect gift.  After a day of goofing around with it, I finally figured out how to mush the burrs on the stake to make it a wee bit smaller (PINK pliers) so that I could assemble it.  Then I had to get a hammer to pound the stake into the ground in the garden.  Yay, PINK tools

The cat decided to come out and help.  Roz was visiting our house when we were contacted to come get 4 two week old kittens to foster for the local animal shelter.  She helped me de-flea and feed the wee things.  So it made sense for Rhett, one of the kittens I was unable to return to the shelter despite my agreement with Lee,  to come out to the garden and "help" me.  Do you think she saw him?


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