Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gaslight District

When we first had the shop built we liked the expanse of wall facing the drive.  We even had thoughts of getting a scene or a sign painted there.  Then we had the electrical panel put in and Lee was unhappy with the meter.  It looked ugly, he thought.  He wanted to cover it with something, but we couldn't decide what to use.


Then Lee saw an old gas pump for sale.  It was dirty and rusty, but he thought he could make it cool again.  We were never going to put in a gas tank, although I liked the idea of filling a tank up once a year and pumping our own gas from it!!!

Lee cleaned it up and painted it.  Then he built a platform in front of the electric meter and wired it for electricity.  Not to use as a pump, but to use as a light.  It comes on at dusk and off at dawn and it pretty cool, even if I do say so. 

When we bought the pump it showed gas at $.67 a gallon.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could sell it to you for that?  So if you come up to our house, enjoy the old pump and the light, but don't ask for any gas. There is none.


And, yes, I know I need a better camera.  I want one small enough to carrry around and it has to take way better pictures and still be reasonably priced.  Any suggestions????

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