Monday, July 15, 2013

There Are Consequences

We are coming up to the deadline on our building permit and don't want to get an extension.  So we have made the big push to finish and get signed off.  We don't have the carpet, yet, but I don't think carpet is required.  I guess we'll find out.

Between working long hours in the basement and massive amounts of rain, more than 10 inches just this month, we haven't gone out to do any outside work.  Well, Lee has mowed a bit.


This is what happens when you don't keep on top of the mint you thought you wanted. ( Mojitos, anyone?)  The sad thing is the battery operated trimmer has died.  Or the two batteries no longer hold a charge.  Whatever, it no longer works.  And we carefully got rid of the hand held trimmers with the long blades.  Lee thinks we should get a gas operated one, but they are heavy and get very hot.

Hey, Lowe's has probably been missing us, so we should just go buy one!


When we planted our fruit trees, or as I like to call it, The Orchard, we put fencing around each individual tree to protect them from deer or other tree killing beasties.  It worked for the trees, but they are a pain to keep weed free or mowed, even.  So, today they are going away.  Our trees are big enough to survive on their own.  We have been having a BIG problem with fire blight and I am wondering if the moisture from the massive amount of weeds and rain is contributing to it.  I can't do anything about the rain, but we can chop down the weeds! 



The weeds were so big I had to dig them out . 



Lee will save the fencing and the posts will be used to prop up other fences where the deer have knocked it over and broken the wooden posts.  Never throw something away.  You will find a use for it later.  Remember the hand held trimmers I no longer needed because I bought the battery operated kind?  Yeah, like that.


The garden has also been left to fend for itself.  I did use weed cloth, but then we had a massive windstorm and it tore it to shreds.  So weeds have taken over.  I bought some Neem Oil to kill the zucchini bugs, but haven't been out to use it, so I will probably lose them this year.  They look to be compromised.  Guess I'll be going to a lot of Farmer's Markets.


We do have a few monster zucchini and a few tomatoes.  The tomatoes seem to be doing OK.  Once I removed the weeds so they could breathe a bit.


We have a lot more to do, but my arms are spaghetti and I am a sweaty, dirty, red-faced mess.  



Lee got stung on his eyelid and ear and then we found a wasp nest behind where we leave our winter coats.  Guess I'll wash and store them for the summer. 


I am going to sit on my bed and do some stitchery.  That's the kind of work I like.  Non-sweaty, non-sun burning,  insect free labor.  While sitting on my behind and listening to mindless television.  I need a gardener.

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