Thursday, July 18, 2013

No Indoor Soccer

Lots of families have that rule.  Indoor soccer is never a good idea.


The oak threshold at our front door was looking a little peaked.  I had some sanding sealer and polyurethane left over from the vessel sink project so I have been working on it.  It takes several days as it has to dry between coats.  I have to leave the door open at least a few hours to dry to the touch.


You should never leave the door open when you have predators for pets.


Rhett is the usual culprit.  Look at those innocent, big, blue eyes.


Today it is Ash

They look sweet, don't they?

I heard some thumping by the front door.  I saw a small object being batted around the floor.  I thought it was the rag or the sandpaper I had been using.  I was wrong.  It was a dead rodent.  I am grateful it was dead.  A live one would be even less pleasant.


They get a lot of these small rodents.  I think they are Meadow Voles.  They look like a brown mouse with a short tail.  Kind of cute, but I don't want them used for soccer balls in my house.  Even if they are dead.


So I picked it up by the tail, walked to the edge of the lawn and threw it in the field.

Good thing I just put on the last coat of polyurethane.  I need to keep this door closed. Hurry up and dry.


  1. Rhett and Ash sure do have a way of showing their love for you, Rebecca but you would prefer other ways for sure.

  2. Great job on the poly I am sure.....

    Rowdy used to bring dead critters in through the doggie door at our last house. No doggie door here so problem is solved. I just cannot stand dead critters in the house... LOL

  3. Just found you, via a comment you left for Blue Ridge Gal. I've been really enjoying reading and getting to know you ... stopped and smiled when I saw the sweet blue-point faces in this post. I'm between Siamese cats right now. Yours are beautiful.

    Great to 'meet' another Virginia blogger.