Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July

Last year we were on our way to Michigan on the fourth of July.  Road Trip!  We were here for the derecho and then left after about 5 days of no electricity or water, that's what happens when you have a well, to visit Lee's family still in Michigan.  This year Tara said she would come down for a visit and bring her fiancé.  Yay!  We love visitors.  We especially love our children to be the visitors.

But this year is not a good year to go to Buchanan for the parade or the carnival.


This is what it looked like for most of the day.


Then there was this.


Some times it would clear up and look promising.


Then it would cloud up and rain again.


Back and forth, all day.


So when it looked pretty good at about 8:30, and everyone wanted to go to the carnival, I decided to stay home.  I don't like getting rained on.  I hate getting my glasses all wet with no "windshield wipers". I  particularly don't like not eating the funnel cakes that I really want, oh, and the cotton candy.

So I will stay here and be dry.  And a tad grumpy, because I want to be with everyone.  But I don't like, well, you know.


  1. Yep... that's pretty much how my 4th of July went too. Not worth the bother, was it? We can always hope for better weather next year I suppose.

  2. No carnival or even fireworks here, just a small parade and book sale. It was also hot and humid, so some of rain would have been welcome.