Saturday, July 27, 2013

Swapping Engines


Lee has been finishing the 1954 GMC truck that he has been rebuilding.  It is not finished, let alone sold, and now he has a 1974 Camaro.

Come to think of it, I haven't finished my quilt and yet I am working on a Christmas stocking.  It's all about getting tired with your current project and doing something else. 

On weekends when I was a child, we always had a list of chores to do.  Dad would sometimes approach and ask if we were tired and wanted a break.  YES!  Be careful of Iowans bearing gifts.  Then he would have you come help him with HIS list and it was ALWAYS harder than what you had been doing.  "Doing something different is a break," my father would say if we dared to complain.

So I guess Lee is taking a break from working on work on a car!


The Camaro has a six cylinder engine.  OK, but not a screaming monster.  Lee is putting in an eight cylinder engine to give it some vroom.  Then he has to decide if he needs to upgrade the transmission and the radiator.  Lee's favorite comment, "Nothing is ever easy."


So I will document his removal of the small and in with the big. 


And I will try to only tell you things I know to be true.  So if I leave something out of the post, there is a strong possibility that I forgot what Lee told me as I walked from the shop to the office where the computer lives.


  1. My Hubby loves to tinker with old cars. Thank goodness he has almost finished with his - a 68 Road Runner and a 69 GTX.

  2. Yep, it IS all about working on the project, and then stopping to begin another, and then laying it aside to work on a third....etc.

  3. Glad to know that others also do the multi-tasking with projects. We too have several going at once, well myself more than Pat whose favorite saying (to me) is usually "one thing at a time." The truck looks great and hope it finds a new home so Lee can focus on his newer project car. Do you plan to show any photos of the car soon?