Friday, July 19, 2013

Furniture Hunting

We are going to order the carpet soon.  The biggest problem is that I don't know what I want.  Berber would last longer and not show the wear as easily.  But cut pile is softer and just feels better on your bare feet.  I lived in Tonga and Hawaii and got used to being barefoot inside the house.  Love a soft, cushy carpet.

Until that is decided, there is no point in standing in a carpet store and staring.  Some decisions need to be made before I go get samples.  So the decision was made to table the decision making and go look for furniture.

There are some antique stores in Lynchburg that we have never visited.  Bedford is on the way.  So we made a list and hit the road.

In various stores we found a framed print,


an original water color


and a


mirror for over the vessel sink.


There is a new store in Lynchburg called Estates Revisited where we found the cutest table.  It needs a bit of work, but I thought it was fun.  I need a bunch of tables, so the search is not over, but I now have ONE.


There are a lot of game tables out there.  Basically the top is hinged and folded on itself.  Then when you open it up it rotates on the base and you have a table that is double the size.  These are great to put against the wall until needed.


This one worked a bit differently.  When you unfold the top the bottom slides apart, like you would to put a leaf in.  In fact, it looks like there was another leaf at some point.


There is a scratch on the top that someone filled with something that does not match, but I may make a runner to cover that.  It won't show when you open the table, so I guess I won't stress about it.  The nice thing was, it was a reasonable price and something you don't see everyday.


The shop gets new things all the time, so I will check back again.  It is new and they will be putting pictures up on their web site soon.

Now I get to go sweep, mop, vacuum and wipe woodwork in the basement.  A lot of work.  And the house where we live won't be one bit cleaner.  (sigh)

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  1. Very nice table and I especially like the water color!