Saturday, July 20, 2013

No Rush

Here is my advice.  It's free  Take it or leave it. 

NEVER tell someone that there is no rush for their services. 

Our architect, whom we do not recommend for many reasons, took SIX MONTHS to give us the finished drawings.  After two months we started gently pushing.  After four months I was mad.  After six months we took the drawings and ran to the county and THEN found out they had made multiple mistakes we thought they had corrected months ago.


Not so recently Lee took the truck he had just finished restoring to get paint.  "No rush, " he says.  We just got it back today.  It took them over three months.


There were many excuses.  They had to re-spray.  They couldn't re-spray because it was raining.  It has been raining for months, I agree.  But surely there are businesses where it rains a lot that can still get the job done.

No matter.  Here it is.


Now Lee can put the flat bed back on it and free up the lift for other work he has been putting off.

But what do you think?  Do you like the John Deere colors? Lee figured a flat bed truck would most likely go to a farmer and they just love that green paint!  It will match their tractors.  Once he finishes with it, we will drive it to a few cruise-ins.  Maybe display it for Mountain Magic In Fall in Buchanan.

Then sell it. 

But there is no rush.


  1. Like the colors or should I have waited awhile to post that comment? The truck looks too pretty to be a work vehicle, but cruise-ins sound like a great place to show and maybe sell.