Monday, July 8, 2013

The Last Sink

We spent the fourth with our daughter and future son-in-law and then celebrated Lee's birthday on Sunday.  So other than cooking, dishes, visiting and sightseeing, I got nothing done this lastweekend. Very pleasurable, but not productive.   Today, I got a bunch done.


When we bought this house there was a plastic laundry tub by the back door.  I think this was for the dogs.  The previous owners kept the dogs in the basement, with a doggie door,  and I guess they left them water from that sink.  We removed the doggie door and the laundry tub when we started finishing the basement, but left the plumbing.

Even though there is a sink in the kitchenette and one in the powder room and one in the bathroom, for some strange reason, I felt the need to keep the plumbing and put a sink there.  At this point, my idea is to put in a wooden, antique sideboard or buffet and mount a vessel sink on it.  It will then be used as a coffee bar.


We have driven all over southwest Virginia looking at antique shops for the right sideboard.  It also had to be inexpensive as we were going to cut a honking hole in it and I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a pricey antique, and then ruin it!  Imagine then finding it on craigslist!


I don't know what sort of finish is on the sideboard, so I decided to put on two coats of a sealer.  Then I will put on two coats of a polyurethane and hope that protects the finish.  I am only putting it on the top, so it should go pretty quickly.


First I sanded the whole thing and then cleaned off all the dust from sanding.  I used a disposable natural bristle brush, because I did not want to clean it up with mineral spirits. That is a way bigger job than cleaning up with water.  I had to do two coats, however and didn't want have to buy two brushes and then throw them each away. 


So I used some aluminum foil.  If you are going to use the same brush in a little bit with the same color or type of coating, you can place it in aluminum foil and seal it tightly so no air can get to it.  Open it up in a few hours and keep going.  The brush will not dry out and will be fine for another coat.


That is me going green.

While I was waiting for the first coat to dry, I decided to make a batch of peach jam.  This last weekend we had all gone to the farmer's market in Daleville.  It was so small.  I hope it gets bigger and better as the apartments they are building there become occupied and they get more foot traffic.

While in town we hit the Willow Pod gift shop, the new coffee house and the Bryant Orchards shop for fresh peaches.  I bought two boxes because I wanted to make jam.


I had to send Lee out to buy the Sure Jell and more sugar.  I had forgotten how much sugar jam uses!


I started the jam at noon and by 3:00 I had three batches done.  It sure goes faster than making blackberries where you have to put all the fruit through a food mill to remove the seeds.  And we won't even talk about picking them in the hot sun with all the ticks and other creepy crawlies.  So peach jam is a joy! 


It is not without labor, however.  Three hours on your feet, toiling away over a cutting board and a hot stove is a lot!


Then I had a bite to eat and back to the basement to sand and apply the second coat.


I will put on the first coat of polyurethane in the morning.  I ordered a vessel sink and a faucet from Amazon and it should be here by the end of the week.  By then it will be ready to install.  Check back! 


  1. Both look good, the sideboard and the peach jam. Certainly can understand not wanting to alter a costly antique piece.

  2. Beautiful!! I want to come see all this when it's done!

  3. Hello just a few questions if you would... I am doing the samething but was thinking about a nice top mount sink but love how you sink looks but not sure it is more for looks how is it working for you and how often is it used? Thanks for your time! It looks great buy the way!!!!

    1. The sink is for the use of our B&B guests. They can use it for hand washing when coming in the door from the outside, but its main purpose is for use with the Keurig coffee maker next to it. . It works fine and there is no problem. I think there was a slight leak when we first put it in, so I would recommend putting something under the plumbing inside the door until you know it is working OK. It is a bit high and I don't think kids could use it. As I said in my blog, I put a waterproof finish on top for drippy hands, etc..

      We bought it off craigslist after looking for months in antique shops, and estate sales, but they were too pricey to cut up or too ruined to fix. I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

      Come stay a weekend in our B&B and try it out! Market research, or something.

  4. Hey love this going to do the samething! How it it working for you and how often is it used and how do you like your sink I was thinking of using a nice top mount sink?