Monday, February 6, 2012

Souper Bowl Beef and Barley

While sewing and writing and waiting for the Super Bowl to start, I threw some things in a pot to make some soup, my play on Souper Bowl. It turned out to be wonderful rather than OK. The problem is that I didn't take any pictures, so now I have to recreate it! Forgive the cans of broth that I dug out of the recycle bin!

After our trip to England, I had to restock the refrigerator. I found two cans of beef broth in the pantry and decided to make some soup I bought a bit of beef and some veggies and here is what I made.

I bought 1/2 to 3/4 pound of STEW MEAT and cut it into small squares. I sprinkled it with a few tablespoons of FLOUR with a bit of Salt and Pepperand stirred to coat them. I sauteed the meat in a pot with a bit of OLIVE OIL. When they were browned, just a few minutes, I added a cup or two of BURGUNDY. This my go-to wine for all beef recipe possibilities. Not my drinking favorite!

I didn't measure anything because I wasn't planning on putting this recipe in my blog. (Take note, in future write everything down.) Then I added the 2 cans of BEEF BROTH, turned the pan to simmer and went back to the craft room for an hour or so.

I came down and added 1/3 cup of BARLEY and went back up for 40 minutes or so. It was thickening up a bit and then I remembered the flour for the meat. If it got too thick I was considering adding a bit of water, but it was fine.

Next I cut up about 10 little CARROTS, 1 cup or so of ONIONS, 1 stalk of CELERY and 1/2 cup or so of frozen PEAS. I added these to the pot and brought the temperature up to medium. I went to the pantry to see what else to add and remembered I hadn't used any garlic! Oh, no! GARLIC SALT went in the pot along with a teaspoon or so of ITALIAN HERBS.

I cooked everything for about 10 more minutes, until the veggies were starting to soften and the barley was done. I added a TOMATO, stirred it a bit and cut up some sourdough bread for dipping. (OK. You caught me out. LEE cut up the bread and I set the table.)

Yum. Easy Peasy and soooo good. This is a keeper.

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