Monday, February 20, 2012

I Thought It Was Spring

This was the first winter where we didn't have any snow. And now we can't say that any longer. It has been such a warm winter, we'd begun to think we wouldn't have any snow at all. We only had to lock the horses in the barn to keep warm about 7 or 8 days in total. The daffodils have come up and started to think about blooming. The fruit trees have contemplated blossoming.

The snow started early yesterday. At first it didn't stick. I guess it was too warm. After a few hours the snow began to come down in earnest. It began to build up on the grass first and then the trees. It didn't stick on the blacktop driveway until the sun went down.

Because neither of us have to go to work today, we could just enjoy the snow. Lee didn't have to get out and plow in the middle of the night to make sure it didn't get too deep for our tractor. I didn't have to go to the barn in the cold and dark to get to work on time. We were able to drive the 4 wheel drive mule down and back at the reasonable hour of 8:00.

Other than fixing soup for dinner, I did NOTHING of any significance. I read a little, wrote a little, sewed a little, called my mother and did none of the housework that I needed to get done. None of it. That is going to have to be done today, but I am glad to have had a day of quiet and nothingness. I wouldn't want that everyday, but it was a lovely break.

Here are some pictures so that you can see the kind of beauty we are blessed with here in Virginia. I like to step back and be grateful.

Even the fence around the vegetable garden becomes beautiful.

RJ loves rooting around in the snow, but doesn't like being called over to have his picture taken.

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