Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Organized

When we moved here there was a long skinny room that served no purpose except to house the pull-down stairs for the attic. We added the cabinets and the counter top. I like to do scrap booking, rubber stamping and stained glass. I wanted to learn how to make quilts. So part of the counter tops are wood for when I need something heat resistant. And part are lowered with no cabinets for comfortable sewing. I also had a tall rolling cabinet that was overcrowded with crafty things. With Lee's help, I have been trying to get more organized

We put up a shelf and tried to figure what next? I looked on a lot of sites for ideas, like the container store and pinterest. I also Googled craft rooms. I liked the idea of cubes horizontally across the wall and different colored containers. But I also wanted them to be clear, so I could see in them and labeled so I didn't have to see in them!

This is a work in progress. I have been taking things out of drawers to put them in containers Some I will put in smaller organizers and place back and then label the drawers, but I like the idea that I can look on the wall and see what I have and what I need and where everything is!

I have one more shelf to buy and a few more clear containers and then I will be done...for now. I would like to put in a TV or radio to keep me company. I would like room for a friend to come work with me. But this is what I have and I am getting excited about it!

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