Friday, February 24, 2012

Hand Quilting

I am practicing hand quilting. I have 2 small bits of muslin with some batting sandwiched in between. I have a plastic frame to keep the fabric tight. I have a few designs I drew, traced and scribbled on to use for my experiment. Here is what I have concluded.

I will be machine quilting.

Of course, next week is the machine quilting class. There is a good chance that I will conclude the following:

I will be sending out any future quilt tops to be quilted by someone else!

In the meantime I have been practicing hiding the knot. To do this you wrap the thread twice around the needle and pull it to the end. Do not wrap three times as then thread will have too big of a knot. Then you start the thread away from the line you are going to outline and come up on the line, pulling the knot into the middle of the sandwich.

There is a method to "stack" stitches by stabbing down through the fabric and rocking the needle up and down so that when you pull the thread through you should have 2 or 3 stitches with each pull.

This is a skill I don't have, so I need to work on it...a lot. And that is what I will do, maybe tomorrow...or the day after that...

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