Thursday, February 2, 2012

4 Patch/ 9 Patch Quilt

I haven't posted anything here for a week because I was out of the country. I didn't post that I was leaving because I didn't want to advertise that our house was empty. Please come rob us!

So our daughter is married and we are back from London. We got in last night. I took a sleeping aid and slept as much as possible to try to get back on this time zone. And then I had to do my "homework" for my quilting class. I need 5 squares of the 4 Patch/9 Patch pattern by tomorrow. Good thing I got two done before we left. I must admit that by the time I was working on the last one I was MUCH less critical of my work than the first one! At one point I ripped out a seam for the second time and I was worried about how the fabric would hold up from all the abuse. Last Time, I told myself! I don't know if it was any better than the first two times, but it WAS the Last Time!

Basically, for the 4 Patch you want 5 small 4 1/2 inch squares using 2 pieces of one color and two of another. You alternate with a 4 1/2 inch plain square.

One thing I love about taking classes is all the techniques you learn for making things easier on yourself. Sure you could cut out all the squares and then sew them, but if you make long strips and sew them together and cut 2 1/2 inch slices you are half way there.

After you sew the square together and determine if you mad a halfway decent square, you line them all up and try to get the most aesthetically pleasing layout

Next class we will be learning how to cut for specific parts of the fabric. That will be fun as there are some beautiful designs on some of my fabrics that I would like to make sure to highlight.

Ironing is very important when quilting. You iron the seams to one side or open after each seam you sew. You press the seam towards the darkest fabric so it won't show through from the front. I found myself quoting (misquoting?) Darth Vader for some reason. "Go to the dark side, Luke!" Over and over. I definitely need a radio or a TV in my craft room.

The pattern we are learning has several different patterns within it. This way, by the time we have finished it we will have a few designs with which we will (presumably) feel comfortable. The sad thing is I have already picked my next two classes for quilts I want to make and I haven't even finished this one yet!

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