Saturday, May 9, 2020

Big Girl Quilt

I started a quilt before the corona virus lockdown.  I'm grateful I had the fabric and a project to occupy myself.  But I have also lost interest in keeping up with my blog.  So I'm forcing myself to write about my most recent quilt.

I made a baby quilt for my older granddaughter.  It was a Rubber Duck Quilt with different rubber ducks on it. It was a quilt for a young child. But now Rachel is 4 and therefore a big girl!  I had the urge to make another quilt and I had made on for all of my grandchildren, so I thought a big girl quilt would be fun.

I found a few designs I thought would be fun and I had a FaceTime visit with my granddaughter so she could pick one out.  I thought she might enjoy having a connection to the quilt I made for her.  She chose one that had a bunch of dresses embellished with cute details.


AFTER we decided on the quilt I discovered that the dress pattern was on pre-printed fabric.  And the fabric was discontinued.  This meant there was no template to make the basic dress shape.  I took a lot of pictures of the pattern up close and spent a long time printing it out and then playing around with the size and shape on cardstock until I had the shape that I thought would work.


I cut it out and used it as a template to cut out dress shapes in different fabrics with small details. I used Steam A Seam fusible web to fuse the dress shape onto a plain square of white fabric.


Then I embedded each one with bits of lace or ribbon to make cute little dresses.


I sewed several different apron styles similar to the ones in the inspiration quilt.  There were no instructions, so I had to wing it, but I like the end results.



I made and embellished 15 different dresses.  I really like the way they turned out. Next I sewed a border of dotted yellow, blue or purple on each dress square.


I added a pink sashing and now I am ready to add the border.


 The cat likes to "help"

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