Thursday, May 14, 2020

Stump Pulling AGAIN

When we bought this property the owner had left part of it with uncut grass. We wanted to get rid of it.  Partly for the esthetics and partly to limit the wildlife.  We were tired of finding snakes and RJ was only too ready to chase the deer way past the property line that he is incapable of seeing.


We found a lot of stumps from long cut bushes that made mowing an obstacle course.  One of the advantages of a zero turn mower is that you can really zip through the mowing.  You can't do that if you hit a highish stump.  Our solution was to go over all 4 acres and mark the stumps with a reflecting pole. That way Lee could just avoid the areas until we got out those stumps.


We pulled a lot last year, but then winter came and we gave it up.  It is now spring and we are locked down from the corona virus and don't have any more excuses. Except we don't want to.

So we want to get the last of them while the ground is moist from the rain and the heat and humidity haven't hit.


Our routine is to dig around the stump, wrap a chain around it and pull with the tractor.  This rarely works the first time as the roots are long and the tractor is small.  There we chop a root or two with the pickaxe and try again.  And again.  And once more.  This is why we haven't gotten them all out. It's exhausting.


We have a large pile of dirt from the excavation for the shop.  So, after we finish pulling, Lee picks up some dirt with the front loader and fills and smooths the hole.


Then we do another one.  Until we give up for the day.  Lately three stumps seems to be our limit.  Getting old sucks.

But there are three more stumps, so with any luck, we can cross this project off our list by the end of the week.  

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