Monday, August 24, 2015

Rubber Ducky Quilt


I finished the baby quilt.  It is bright and yellow and I really like it.


What I don't like is that the clear polyester thread leaves VERY slightly scratchy bits where they are cut short.  It makes for a great quilting thread, as you don't have to change colors all the time, but it tangles FREQUENTLY  All the poky bits were a pain. 


I sat down with some cuticle scissors, because sewing scissors did not cut close enough to the fabric.  I brushed my hand over every stitch on both sides of the quilt, cutting as I felt little pokes.  I sure hope I got them all, because I want the new baby to adore this quilt. 


The satin binding is silky smooth and I picture this baby rubbing her fingers up and down the edges, like my kids did with their blankets.


I am loving my new basket making, so I made a wee basket out of the yellow scraps to go with the quilt.  Small babyish things can be placed in there. 


Maybe it will have a spot on the changing table.  I didn't put any embellishments on it is case they are pulled off and consumed by a small baby.  No choking hazards for THIS baby!


I finished the quilt, so where is the baby?  Guess Vanessa is still making that gift for ME!

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