Sunday, May 10, 2020

Dress Quilt

I needed to add a striped border to my dress quilt.


I used the fabric from the dresses and cut a bunch of strips.



I had a lavender fabric for the back of the quilt. It is a pain to drag out two tables to make the quilt sandwich, but I need a large surface to lay every thing out. The backing get placed face down.  The the batting is smoothed over it.  The last part is the pieced top.  Then I pinned the whole thing and started quilting.


I frequently had a helper.  But not a very helpful one.


The binding is more of the dotted blue fabric I used around 5 of the dresses.


And now the quilt is done!

Sadly, I had to cancel the trip out to California to deliver the quilt. So I will save it and hope the world goes back to normal soon.


  1. It looks really cute! Nice that you have a helper.

    1. He likes to leave his "stamp" on things. For stamp substitute hair and punctures.