Thursday, May 14, 2020

Face masks

In the middle of finishing the dress quilt for my granddaughter, I started making face masks.  The whole world is now in the middle of the COVID lockdown.  Face masks are becoming a more common sight and they are hard to get.  So a lot of people are making face masks from fabric they have in their homes.

I decided to make a few.  I found free patterns online and chose a shaped one. I made one according to the directions and then started playing around with it a bit.


I didn't have any elastic or pony tail holders, so I chose to make fabric ties.

My sister in law said the CDC recommended three layers of fabric.  I chose to use some remnants of batting material in the middle.  The I did a simple free motion top stitch to hold everything together.


I had some left over cut strips from my most recent quilt and sewed them together. One I made into a crazy quilt design.


I made one for my granddaughter and my son and daughter in law.  I also made some for their day care providers. They are considered essential workers, so they have to take their children to day care.


Hopefully this will help keep everyone safe.


  1. I love the patchwork looking mask! My daughter made me a couple of masks. Great to have!

    1. I'm hoping we don't need masks much longer, but that is probably wishful thinking.