Friday, November 8, 2013

When the Cat's Away...

You know the old saying.  The mouse is supposed to have big fun.  And so is your spouse.  When one leaves, all the lists go on hold, right?  Lee had a bunch of things to do with the two cars, well, one car and one truck, that are in various stages of restoration.  Every time I called him, that is what he said he was doing.  Resting (his eyes) and working on the vehicles.

When I got back after less than a week of travel, I found that he had spent the whole time doing things we had been discussing, but hadn't gotten around to!  And all by himself.  As I was showing my friend, Marcy, around the house I kept being surprised by projects he finished while I was off visiting my mother.

Several years ago Lee had mentioned how he wanted to get a big flagpole to put up a flag that can be seen from a distance. We live up on a hill and thought that would be a great thing to do.   I went online and ordered a pretty big one for his birthday, but we could never decide where to put it and it needed to be set in concrete. It has been sitting around for a couple of years.  Recently Lee's father passed away and because he was a veteran, the family received a very large flag.

As we approached the house I noticed that the flagpole was now up. Complete with Jim's flag.   Is there a prettier sight?


I was amazed that he had dug the hole, poured the concrete and assembled the flagpole all by himself.  In just a few days.


Then just like a TV huckster, but wait!  That's not all!  I have been admiring a Maddox Chippendale Secretary at a local consignment shop.  It was beautiful, with curved glass and lots of drawers.  What is it about drawers and even hidden drawers that is so appealing?  I love that.  I wanted a desk of some sort for the B&+B and I just loved the idea of a secretary.


When I was showing Marcy the new B&B, I sucked in air and almost started screaming.  She looked around, waiting for a vampire bat that must be attacking, but it was just me.  I was thrilled with the new piece of furniture.


Lee had also installed the new quilt hangers he had ordered and hung the quilt.  It is partly just decoration and mostly to hide the electric panel. 


Now we can get to the panels, but the room no longer looks so industrial.  So busy.  What a great guy.

But wait!  That's not all!

I have been looking for a headboard for our bed in the guest room.  I had some criteria that was proving difficult to find.  I only wanted a headboard.  Footboards make it harder to tuck in the sheets, and with any luck, there will be lots of bed making in our B&B. I didn't want a big headboard because some are so huge it makes the bed and even the room look small.


Lee managed to find a great headboard and no footboard on craigslist.  And brought it home and installed it.  All by himself.


But wait!  That's not all!  He took all the leftover tile and carpet we had saved in case of emergency breakage or some other catastrophe to the shop.   Then he bought and put together the storage unit I need for cleaning supplies and other necessities for the B&B.

AND he put a new teak shower bench in the B&B shower for supplies, or in case you need to sit when in the shower.  Can you imagine?


He's my favorite husband.


  1. Oh my...what a wonderful husband. So handy. Those are hard to find.

  2. Say, maybe this means you can go away more often . . . And the. Find lots of surprises on your return! Seriously, Lee did a great job with those finds and repairs.

  3. Lee did good. I am quite envious of the secretary. I have wanted one for years.