Sunday, November 3, 2013

A California Visit

I am in California to visit my mother. 


She adamantly refuses to move closer to me, so I visit her as often as I can.  It's a long flight (or two) but it is nice to see her and she likes to see me, too!


There are a lot of reasons to live in California.  The weather is generally great.


Mom lives in San Clemente, which is close to the ocean.  Not a bad place to visit.

I can see our old haunts along PCH and up to Laguna Beach.


You can get to any store in about 10 minutes and if you forget something you can go back, no problem!

The airport in Orange County is easy to get in and out of...and I can visit the Duke.


Mom ran in to the Duke on her way to dinner.  He's everywhere!


And there are also a lot of reasons to leave California. 


People live in very close proximity.  It makes for easy shopping, but a lot of noise, traffic and congestion.

So where would YOU rather live?


  1. We spent a month in CA when grandson Bobby was born as his parents were living in Santa Clarita. It was Dec and Christmas sure is fir rent on the west coast. So my preference is the east coast definitely.

  2. I like the second choice, but with better shopping and an ocean.

  3. I can't say how I might like CA, but we've lived up and down the Eastern coast, from Maine to Alabama and visited everywhere from Florida to Oklahoma, Montreal and Toronto and By George, this is where I choose to live! I love the New England coastline, the beauty of autumn in Vermont, the shopping in Birmingham, but for day to day living, overall climate, and geographical beauty- this is the place to call home.
    BTW, your CA ocean landscape is beautiful.