Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches

Our fearless daughter, Tara, managed to brave the weather reports and come home for Thanksgiving.  It did snow, but it didn't stick to the ground and the worst of the snow came after she arrived.  She went to school in Blacksburg, after all.  You can't scare her with a bit of snow!

One of her requests was for me to make the Gingerbread Cookies from the recipe I got in Williamsburg.

These are great cookies with lots of flavorful spices, but not too sweet. 

Then she went home ( :((  ) and took quite a few of the cookie with her.  But we still have some. I wanted to make something, but I certainly don't need more food.  In fact, I plan on freezing a good bit of the turkey for a future use!  A suggestion was made that these cookies would make good ice cream sandwiches.

Actually, just about any cookie of the right size can be made into an ice cream sandwich.

The first thing to do is to get out some ice cream to soften.  Or place the container in the microwave for 10 or 15 seconds,  Not more.  You don't want it to melt, just soften.


I cut off a section of cling wrap and placed a cookie face down on it.  I have various sizes of ice cream/cookie scoops and used the biggest one.  When I placed the cookie face up and pressed gently, I could see that there was too much ice cream.


Whoa.  Did you see what I just said?  Too much ice cream?  Is that even possible?

Well, crazy thoughts notwithstanding, I chose the next smaller scoop and, like Goldilocks, it was juuust right. Press gently on the top cookie and wrap tightly with the cling wrap and freeze.  You should make quite a few.  Who doesn't like ice cream sandwiches?


I tried to eat one after freezing for an hour.  It was not frozen sufficiently.  I did have to finish eating it, however.  It is rude to put back something in the freezer that is half eaten.  And I am very polite.

It was late and I went to bed, so I froze the sandwiches overnight.  I had one this morning and it was perfect.  So freeze at least three hours or overnight.


I know ice cream sandwiches don't sound like a winter treat.  But wrap yourself up in a warm blankie and sit in front of a raging fire and it is the perfect snack.  You may want to have a hot cup of tea at your side to stave off brain freeze.