Thursday, November 7, 2013

White Oak Tea Tavern


One of the places we love to take visitors is the White Oak Tea Tavern.



My friend Marcy from California is visiting and we met Diane from for an afternoon tea party.


It is an old log cabin converted to a Tea House and gift shop.  The cabin was built around 1780.  Then it was dismantled and moved to the current location near Fincastle.  The front of the cabin has many interesting gifts, but the back is where the magic happens.


My favorites are the chicken salads.  One cold and a hot one in a freshly baked bread bowl with spinach and cheese.  The cold chicken salad, my favorite, is finely chopped with more ingredients than you can figure out, topped with sugared pecans and served with fresh baked bread.  The teas are all delicious and around Christmas you can get Wassail.  No, sadly, not the alcohol version.


The ambience of the old house, with the adz marks still in the timbers, is a large part of the charm.  You can also get bagel with flavored cream cheese and meats for a sandwich, but I go for the chicken salad and the tea.  And the friendly service.  Did I mention I love the tea?



  1. My daughter took my mother and me there one year for Mother's day. It was a special memory. I know you enjoyed yourselves.

  2. Looks like a fun place for a get together.

  3. It was a fun place with delicious food and tea and the gift shop had quality gifts. Thanks for having me. xox