Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hanging A Quilt

I made a queen size quilt.  Then I realized that I spent too much time and money making it to use it on a bed.  Someone would sit on it with dirty clothes (Lee),  or someone would eat chocolate on it (me) or the cats would shed, scratch, barf, or otherwise deface it and then I would be mad.  No point in being mad.


So I decided to hang it.  There are many ways to hang a quilt.  If I had planned ahead, I could have sewn a pocket along the top at the back.  Then you can just slide a pole through the pocket and hang it that way. 

We found these pins online.  They are wood, with a sliding pin.  You pull the pin and then place the quilt in the pocket and slide the pin closed.  It holds the quilt in place without damaging it.  They come in different finishes.  We chose white.


First we measured the quilt and then marked the places where we needed the hangers.  You don't want a lot of weight on an individual hanger.  And you don't want big gaps between them where the quilt will sag.  Because you need room at the top of the hanger to slide the pin out, the quilt had to come closer to the floor than I wanted.


I placed it in a long hallway where we don't have any art or furniture to break up the long expanse.  It doesn't take up any room and I can change it out when I get better at quilting and am too embarrassed to leave this beginning effort out for the public to critique.


I would point out all the flaws, but if you can't find them by yourself, then they aren't there.  Sort of like a tree falling in the woods...



  1. Love how your quilts are warming the space and making it feel more homey for your patrons.

  2. This quilt is amazing! Stunning!