Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dumb As A Bucket Of Rocks

That is a phrase I heard that famous jurist, Judge Judy, use and it stuck in my memory.  We all know people like that.  They just can't learn.  They just keep banging their head against a wall.  They do the same stupid thing over and over and expect a different outcome.


They attack a skunk in the middle of the night and get sprayed.

If you have ever smelled a mad skunk, you know the highly offensive odor is intense and lingering.  There is no mistaking it for another odor.  RJ's face was covered in dirt where he had tried to rub off the oily residue.  He was foaming and drooling to get the taste out of his mouth.  Oh.  Wait.  That's more than drool.  It is white fur.  Like from a skunk.


Well, what do you expect the skunk to do when you are BITING him, you vicious monster.


This is not our first rodeo with a stinky dog.  Hence the dumb as a bucket of rocks comment.  So we know tomato juice is no longer the treatment of choice.  There are recipes out there, but basically use a giant bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a few teaspoons of baking soda and a tablespoon of detergent.  Mix and apply liberally.  Wait for the chemical effect to neutralize the smell.  Ignore the shivering of the dog.  He KNEW this was the consequence.  This is NOT the first time we have had to do this in the dark of night.


Rinse the miserable creature and shampoo and dry.  Make an appointment for a REAL doggy bath. 

Make a resolution to avoid dogs as pets in the future. 

Yes, I know we are culpable as we let him out.  He was with Lee at the shop and then wandered off.  But you can't keep dogs locked up all night.  There are certain biological imperatives.  And now it is too cold to leave him out all night and deal with the smell by himself.

But he is very sorry and he won't ever do that again.



  1. Oh, RJ. Do you remember the movie "Up", where the dogs are equipped with little speakers that speak their thoughts? You know, like "SQUIRREL!" I wonder what RJ would be saying... "SKUNK! I want the skunk to be my prisoner! I will catch him and shake him and....AGHHHH!! THAT TASTES HORRIBLE!! SKUNK! Stop doing that or I will not let you go....you are still doing that!! Stop! "

    Or something like that.

  2. I know our day is coming..... with two dogs, at some point in time one or both will get VERY stupid and do this same thing. Poor RJ. Poor you. :(

  3. Rolling on the floor laughing our a$$ off. ROTFLOAO

  4. RJ does for the post title, sorry to agree and doing this again in the middle of the night surely was no fun for anyone. Hope he gets the message before really cold weather sets in. And, this is why we are pet less now.