Monday, May 6, 2013

We Poison Our Pets

We purchase poison and pour it over our pets.  And we do it on a regular basis.  We are also CHEAP pet poisoners, so we search the internet for the cheapest poison and use that.  We are bad people.

Because I am lazy, I don't like trying to carefully remove ticks from our pets.  ( What an indictment, lazy and cheap.)  You have to hold them still and comb all the hair away from the attached insect.  Then you have to use tweezers to grasp the tick at the attachment site, grab it and pull it out.  If it has been there for a while it may be stuck in there tightly, so keep pulling until it comes out. You also have to be careful not to squeeze the body of the tick.  You don't want the contents of the tick squeezed back into the pet.   Then go buy poison so you don't have to do that again!


I use the Frontline Plus for dogs and also for cats.  Do not mix these up.  Cats and dogs are not interchangeable and neither are their meds. 

Flea and tick preventers are not cheap.  I also give the dog heartworm preventative.  These add up, but it is cheaper than dealing with diseases carried by these insects.  Or getting fleas in the house.

The strange thing is that we get ticks, but I haven't seen a single flea since we moved here.


I also use Equi-Spot for horses.  Have you ever seen a horse in the field with a face full of flies?  If the owner just knew to put on some Equi-Spot, they will fly-free for at least two weeks.

A lot of people just buy the Frontline and Heartguard from the veterinarian when they bring their pets in for "service".  It's easy and convenient...and pricey!  There are a lot of sites online where you can buy these meds, but I use Joe's Pet Meds.  They are about half the cost that I would spend at the vet and they are mailed to my house.  No vet visit required.  The strange thing is that they seem to come from New Zealand.  I don't see how that makes for a less expensive product, but it does.


I wish they could make a similar product for humans.  I would love to put goop on the back of my neck once a month ( so I don't lick it off) and then not have to spray myself with OFF! every time I venture outside.  I don't like finding the odd tick crawling on me or imbedded in my own personal flesh.

I presume it is because humans live a lot longer than dogs and they do not know what would happen with long term use.  And because you buy the product based on weight, and women would buy a much smaller size than they really need, and then it wouldn't work!


  1. I saw a product for removing ticks from dog's fur that apparently freezes the tick so it comes off easily. It was not cheap though.

    Interestingly, there is a lyme vaccine for dogs but not for humans. My husband just had a tick bite so his doctor prescribed an antibiotic without even waiting to see if he got lyme.

    1. What a good idea. Let's hope the Frontline will make that fun little chore unnecessary.

      Good point about the vaccine. Maybe they want to try it on our pets before they use it on people.