Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Round Up

Here is the dirty little secret about Spring.  It isn't all flowering plants and warm weather.  It is crabgrass and dandelions, too!

We have a long driveway, about one third of a mile.  It has grass growing on either side, most of which is cut for hay.  Unfortunately the grass tends to not know when to stop growing.


It grows into the asphalt and breaks it up.  We can't mow right to the edge and we are no way going to use the weedeater all the way down and then back up.  Not gonna happen.


Several times a year Lee fills the sprayer and drives it slooowly down the drive, spraying off to one side.  And then slooowly back up, spraying on the other side. 


Because I am his favorite wife (so far), I decided to do the job while he was off getting physical therapy for the horrible way I treat him and force him to lift heavy things while simultaneously pinching his sciatic nerve .


I don't want to do this frequently, so I bought the brand new kind of Round Up.  The kind that kills the weeds and then prevents them from returning for up to four months.  I wonder what the "up to four months" means in OUR case, but we shall see.

I thought I was so clever.  When I ran out of Round Up, I marked the spot with a small pile of rocks in the shape, kinda, sorta, of an arrow.  Then Lee or I could start at the spot I left off.  Smart, right?


I explained this to Lee, but he just said, "Why don't I just keep spraying where the brown grass ends?"


  1. LOL. Did he make you feel silly with his comment? I would have, at the rock pile thing is totally something I too would have done. :)

  2. And that's the difference between the way a woman and a man think.