Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Visitor

Lee told me we had a visitor in the garage.  I figured that meant a bird or lizard or some such.


It was a little box turtle.  I love them.  They are sweet and cute in a boxy truck-like fashion.  I have no idea how he found his way in the garage.


We see them now and then when we work around the property.  My biggest fear is that they will get in the field when the hay is being cut or when we are clearing a new patch of land.  A turtle shell is no match for a bush hog.

So I set him free on the side of our hill that we don't cut.  Run little box turtle....well, saunter little box turtle.  You are free!


  1. We used to see quite a few at our other house and we had to watch one pup because she would pick them up and make mince meat out of them which would really upset me. There is a man doing a study of box turtles here in Virginia and they are beginning to disappear. So glad you put this fella in a safe place!

  2. Colorful little fellow and your catch and release program was great.

  3. Well look at you, a new blog look. Cool beans. I bet Di helped you with this, didn't she? And I like turtles, too.