Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stocking Progress

I started a stocking for my son-in law some months ago.  I like to have a project in the evening so that when I spend an inordinate amount of time watching TV, I don't feel like such a slug. Then I am not wasting time.  I am being productive!

Each of our children has a stocking I made.  Back in the day.  And they were all crewel, which I LOVE.  If I won the lottery, I would bring back crewel kits for stockings.  Now you can only get cross stitch or needlepoint designs. Crewel has many different stitches and is more like a picture, I think.  But as you can't get them any more and I now have the problem (joy) of getting additional "children" through marriage, I have to make more stockings.

I was able to find a stocking kit for my daughter-in-law that was very similar in design to my son's, but now I have a son-in-law.  And this is what I settled on.  I think it is very evocative of a Christmas scene. 


I have been working on it for months and this is as far as I have gotten.


I work for an hour or two most nights and a few all day sessions when it is rainy and I don't feel like doing anything useful.


 Look at those itty bitty stitches.  And so many more to go.


There is a jumble of yarns on top of Lee's dresser and I can't dust them, so there they sit getting dusty.  And probably covered in cat hair.


Here it is almost summer and I am feeling the pressure.  Gotta get it done.  Of course, I still have a quilt I have to get done.  And the basement remodel.  But progress is being made all around.  Just not fast enough for me to cross anything off a list.  GOOD THING I AM SO PATIENT.  not.

Now I have to go figure out how to put an embroidery label on my quilt.  I may or may not show that, depending on how it comes out!


  1. Well, there are still a few months left until Christmas, Rebecca, so the stocking could be done in time. if not, there always nest holiday season. Sorry the invite for our ribs, slaw and baked beans didn't get to you and Lee...forgot to mention it...but if you are ever in our area, let us know and we could arrange a re-do.

  2. I cannot WAIT until you have grandchildren. Then you are going to quilt, embroider, cross-stitch, and knit until the cows come home, and share it ALL on the blog, right? :)

  3. Hi Rebecca - my friend made crewel stockings for all of her kids, and now is looking for more for the "new" kids she has in her life too. she found some on ebay, but the prices were shocking...go take a look...it'll make you wish you had stocked up on those darn kits back in the day.

  4. It looks easy, but time consuming, just like the needlepoints I used to do. Love the choice you made in this pattern/kit. It's perfect for Christmas!