Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

When did Memorial Day turn into an excuse for a sale?  I don't know, but we have been saving up a large number of purchases to coincide with Memorial Day.  Because Lee is a veteran, he gets an additional discount at Lowe's on Memorial Day and we decided to take advantage of it.  Lee finished installing the last of the kitchen appliances and we were ready for the next big purchase.  With the dubious help of RJ.


I am the world's worst decider.  Should I, shouldn't I?  I have a hard time with menus, you can imagine the difficulty with large, read expensive and permanent, purchases.  So we have been spending an inordinate amount of time in various big box DIY stores.  Lowe's and Home Depot.  Home Depot and Lowe's.  We generally end up at Lowe's, mostly because of their proximity, 20 minutes versus 40 minutes.  If you have to go back for a part or a return, that extra time can really add up.


Are you aware the Home Depot has 200 types of toilets for sale.  TWO HUNDRED.


I am convinced Lowe's has an equal number.  You can get a short one.  That won't work for me because my aunt informed me that she had to be boosted off the last short toilet she used.  So a tall one.  Then they have round bowls and oval ones.  White and biscuit.  (Seriously, though, you gotta have white, if only to convey the absolutely cleanliness of said vessel.)  They have toilets with extra power.  The idea of a powerless, unflushed bowl doesn't work for me, so put me down for powerful.  Lots of choices.

I like this bath vanity, but will it go in that room?  I LOVE it.  How much????  Never mind.   Like that.

The point of the many trips was to get a definitive list of all the large remaining purchases for our remodel.  I have lists, Lee has lists.  There are lists of the lists.  Then we could just walk in, order and leave.  Easy peasy. 

Oh, how naïve and trusting you are.

So we spent the Sunday going from place to place, double checking, deciding and finally we are done.  Two bath vanities ordered.  And the tops.  Don't forget the mirrors.  Two toilets, tall and powerful.  Sorry, short people.  I will get you a step.  We bought the various faucets and a light fixture and the big purchase, the granite counter for the kitchen. 


A huge bill, but we saved over $500.  And it is too late for me to change my mind.

So now we are at the true Memorial Day.  Lee didn't get the BBQ gene and doesn't much care for it.  And we have no family close by this weekend, so we are going to the Buchanan Community House  to eat a chicken dinner and support a worthy cause.   They are holding a fund raiser for the Fairview Cemetery Association following a service at the cemetery honoring veterans past and present.  There are a few different meals to raise funds held at the Community House in Buchanan.  We try to go to all of them.  It is one of the many fun parts about living in a small town.  Come on down and join us!

And a big thank you for your service to all the veterans. 


  1. Decisions involving lots of spending come a bit harder to me as well. And I remember all the trips to both Home Depot and Lowes when renovating this home, been there and done that. No BBQ for us on the holiday, although we did share Sunday dinner with dear friends, ribs, baked beans, slaw and we all made our own ice cream sundaes. Good times and calories don't count on holidays. We also supported a local group on Sat eve by attending a pig roast dinner held annually in a former tobacco barn....small town living indeed.

  2. Being of a taller stature than some folks, we were VERY pleased when purchasing our home to note that it has a tall toilet in the master bathroom. Short ones require me to need a hoist when arising from my throne.

  3. Trust me, if you got it all decided then I'm waaaayyy worse than you. I always think I can find something just a little better for less. I've still got a lot of things to get selected!!

    But for the most part, mail order was the way to go for us. Yes, even the toilets!

  4. Oh shopping, it makes me nuts too.